AUClimbing on the Rise

By Anie Weidal – While it is not an official Catch sport, climbing has seen a rise of popularity during the last years. Catch is AUC’s sports committee, and Antoine Bourcieu, the event manager, is trying to organise climbing within the AUC community. While the facebook group is growing, there are still climbers who have not heard about it. Bourcieu says that there are more … Continue reading AUClimbing on the Rise

The Class of 2019 Remembers: Top 5 Peculiar Stories That Probably Every AUC Student Can Relate To

By Clara Crucifix College years are challenging: between the confusing administrative procedures, the academic pressure and the socialization with peer students, it can easily be overwhelming. This is the period of transition between teenage years and adult life, and one cannot read enough articles or watch enough series to prepare for this period of self-discovery and pushing one’s limits. For AUC students, the dorms add … Continue reading The Class of 2019 Remembers: Top 5 Peculiar Stories That Probably Every AUC Student Can Relate To

Height is Just a Number

By Jet de Vries – It is a bit past 21:00  in Elsa’s Café in Oost, the room is packed and it smells like a mix of beer and sweaty football shirts. Ajax score their first goal against Juventus and the mainly male crowd goes wild, but the only things I am seeing are shoulders, chests, and maybe sometimes, when I’m lucky, one eighth of … Continue reading Height is Just a Number

Democratic Unrest After Student Council Elections

By Edivaldo McEnroe — The democratic season at AUC has come to a close with the announcement of the 2019-2020 Student Council (SC) and AUCSA, yet questions regarding student engagement and democratic validity remain. Next year’s SC is left in the unenviable position of having to answer these questions within the frame of a new system. For this year’s elections the SC decided to officially … Continue reading Democratic Unrest After Student Council Elections

Cats and Dogs are Old News, What About Snakes, Turtles, Birds and Ants?

By Bibi Piets – Many AUC students keep pets: cats, dogs, and hamsters are all rather common. These fluffy animals can be your warm welcome after a day studying at the AB and can help you through the sometimes-difficult times as a student. But not all pets at the dorms are fluffy and cuddly, though those which are not may be all the more interesting. … Continue reading Cats and Dogs are Old News, What About Snakes, Turtles, Birds and Ants?

Intensives at AUC: What is Going Wrong?

By Amber Roos – Amsterdam University College (AUC) prides itself on its academic excellence. However, many students experience problems in their programme and the question of how to solve them remains. Unfortunately, AUC has not been very proactive in resolving such issues. At AUC, each semester is separated into a 16-week and 4-week period. In the 4-week period, called the intensive, students take the same … Continue reading Intensives at AUC: What is Going Wrong?

Illiberal Liberalism

By Valérie Heinz – Is it possible to be liberal, but be illiberal at the same time? Can one have a constructive conversation with someone whose opinions are the complete opposite of one’s own? Yes, to both, say Benedict Hamlyn and Thomas ter Reehorst, writers and producers of a small Amsterdam-based podcast series, that goes by the name “Illiberal Liberalism; Disagreeing with Respect”. The first … Continue reading Illiberal Liberalism

Ramadan at AUC

By Maria Popescu – Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the holiest month of the year. This year, Ramadan takes place from May 6 to June 4, which also marks the end of the 16-week period for AUC students. During Ramadan, next to fasting from food and drinks from pre-dawn to sunset, Muslims also focus on doing good and avoid doing … Continue reading Ramadan at AUC

SPAR Pizza – Making History One Slice at a Time

By Ralitza Petrova – Once evening rolls around in Science Park, the sidewalk on Carolina MacGillavrylaan invariably gets filled with the blissful aroma of herbs and melted cheese. Flocks of students joyfully strut to the dorms holding white carton boxes, all the while trying to wolf down another piece of SPAR’s signature frozen pizza. It is hard to imagine a time when SPAR pizza was … Continue reading SPAR Pizza – Making History One Slice at a Time

Is Nuclear Energy the Future?

By Amber Roos – In March, Sannah van Balen, a green energy consultant, gave a TEDx talk at the annual TEDxAUCollege event. After getting her Masters in Nuclear Energy at the University of Cambridge, van Balen became passionate about changing the Netherlands’ dependence on fossil fuels. Her focus now is on opening up the conversation on nuclear energy, which is one of the reasons she … Continue reading Is Nuclear Energy the Future?