Interview Without Words, Gerrol Hoogvliets

by Veerle Fanoy

— AUC’s housemaster Gerrol Hoogvliets in an interview on his Aruban roots, spicy food, and poetry.

Born: September 23, 1961

Education: Facility management at the ISPW Sloterdijk

Previous jobs: Cook in the military, caretaker assistance, forklift truck driver, cook in his cafe

DSC_4381 (2)What is something you won’t miss about AUC?


DSC_4394 (2)You write poetry. How does it make you feel?


DSC_4407 (3)You enjoy eating spicy food. How do you feel afterwards?


DSC_4393 (2)What does Aruba have that the Netherlands does not?


DSC_4410 (2)What would you do if the roof was blown off the building?


DSC_4383 (2)What were you like as a student?


DSC_4384 (3)You have attended several editions of Winterformal. What is the best way to spend them?


DSC_4406 (2)Are you the coolest housemaster?


DSC_4385 (2)If you were the dean of AUC, what would be the first thing you would do?


DSC_4388 (2)How do you feel about the committee tables in the cafetaria?


DSC_4398 (3)What is the worst thing that students do?


DSC_4379 (2)What have AUC students taught you?



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