Forward and Onward

Fictional short story by: Veerle Fanoy Illustrations by: Emma Krone   – An ear-piercing screech fills the carriages. For a split-second I ask myself whether I should be here, confused by the alarming noise that comes out of this train. But the rhythmic puffing eases my mind as the train starts dragging its mass through the landscape. The dry, miserable bush outside the window drifts by … Continue reading Forward and Onward

Interview Without Words, Alexandra Brown

By Veerle Fanoy – Teacher Alexandra Brown in an interview on the ins and outs of teaching, her dissertation, and Amsterdam. Birthday: July 6 Education: Bachelor Religious Studies at University of Calgary; Masters Religious Studies McMaster University; PhD Anthropology at McMaster University. Previous jobs: selling children’s books; World Wildlife Fund; freelance writer; fellow at Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World; researcher at … Continue reading Interview Without Words, Alexandra Brown

AUC’s Chemistry Track: An Empty Promise

By Veerle Fanoy — “A full-time, selective three-year honours programme in liberal arts and sciences at the Bachelor level, taught in English, with a strong offering in the sciences and enrolling up to 50% science majors.” With this description Amsterdam University College (AUC) presents itself to prospective students on its website. Yet with four chemistry courses cancelled during the 2017-2018 academic year, in an already lackluster … Continue reading AUC’s Chemistry Track: An Empty Promise

Making Changez: Recognising Resilience of Moroccan Youth in the Netherlands

On November 8, ‘Who’s In Town’ invites to a lecture about “Recognising resilience of Moroccan youth in the Netherlands: from their perspectives”. The stage will be given to young Moroccans and mentors who are part of ‘Changemakerz’, a foundation that provides training and coaching for an underprivileged youth. Continue reading Making Changez: Recognising Resilience of Moroccan Youth in the Netherlands

Scopophilia presents “Hidden Systems”

By Veerle Fanoy –Although the weather may imply otherwise, ‘Hidden Systems’, the summer edition of AUC’s biannual festival Scopophilia will be held at Cinetol this Saturday, September 30. The event was originally scheduled for June 18, in the previous semester, but had to be postponed due to a budget miscommunication. According to Gordon Lucas, the Art Committee’s CAO at the time and a third-year Science … Continue reading Scopophilia presents “Hidden Systems”