Interview Without Words, Alexandra Brown

By Veerle Fanoy

– Teacher Alexandra Brown in an interview on the ins and outs of teaching, her dissertation, and Amsterdam.

Birthday: July 6

Education: Bachelor Religious Studies at University of Calgary; Masters Religious Studies McMaster University; PhD Anthropology at McMaster University.

Previous jobs: selling children’s books; World Wildlife Fund; freelance writer; fellow at Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World; researcher at Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis.

Q1What is the most essential skill for a teacher to have?


Q2What makes you feel like a real Amsterdammer?


Q3What’s your favourite means of communication?


Q4What do students do that gets on your nerves?


Q5What can capstone-writing students expect of you as a supervisor?


Q6Describe your dissertation “Visualizing Uncertainty: Opposition to Islam in the Netherlands through the Lens of Fitna: The Movie”.


Q7What have AUC students taught you?


Q8If you had one hour added to every day, what would you do with it?

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