Party like there is no 2019

By Rosalie Dielesen The year 2018 is coming to an end. An intense year for some, a year full of changes for others. Soon it is time for New Year’s resolutions, but not just yet. Now is the opportunity for food, family and, of course, ending the year with a bang.Therefore we have found a few venues for you to consider for your New Year’s … Continue reading Party like there is no 2019

Circus of the Rain: A review

By Rosalie Dielesen — Writing can be a tedious process. Think about how long it took you to finish your longest piece! 10 hours? Maybe 20 or even 100? You are not even coming close to the over 1000 hours it took for Pieter Buis, a third-year Humanities major from Amsterdam University College (AUC) to write his musical “Circus of the Rain”. The musical premiered on … Continue reading Circus of the Rain: A review