Live Blog: UCSRN Tournament 2017

By Tom Weber, Christine van der Horst, Vincent Noteboom


  • Opening Ceremony 10:00
    • The UCSA’s had their first face off of the day. The first game was ‘spijker poepen’ a classical dutch game. The second game the contestants had to find gummy bears in a pile of flower on a plate using only their face. It was hilarious.IMG_5383.JPG
  • Football (men): AUC VS. UCM (1-0)
    • AUC’s (male) Football team beat UCM in their first match of the day. An early goal by second-year Stevie Gyurkovits gave the team a head start into the competition.
  • Basketball (mixed): AUC VS. EUC  (15-11)
    • The first goal was made by EUC which was quickly followed by a counter goal of AUC. ECU had a strong opening resulting in the ball being predominantly around the hoop of AUC. However, AUC’s defense was sufficient to counter most attacks. AUC took the upper hand in the second part in the game. They were quicker than ECU resulting in a significant lead. Then ECU started closing the gap but it was to late and AUC won the match.


  • Hockey: AUC VS. EUC (2-4)
    • Because people from UCR are stuck in the train on their way to Amsterdam Science Park, it was EUC instead who kicked off the hockey tournament in a heated game against AUC. Whereas first year Science major and hockey player Stefanie Overberg claimed EUC’s first goal in the third minute should not have counted because it came off the ground, UCM referee Job Huesschen told the Herring that the ball “ran into a stick of Amsterdam and then it went up.” Therefore, according to Heusschen, the goal counts as an incomplete act of defending. Make sure to check the adjusted hockey schedule below, as UCR’s delay has caused some slight changes to the schedule.
    • 18110026_1378672128882980_2039866288_o.jpg
  • Squash: AUC VS. UCM (11-0, 11-0, 11-0)
    • In only ten minutes, second year Social Science major Pascal van Luit won the first points of the day for AUC in squash. With that he left his opponent, UCM student Hanna Ojanen, far behind him.
  • Volleyball: AUC VS. UCU (44-11)
    • AUC’s volleyballers were able to deliver and take home their first match of the day against UCU. The team dominated against a strong opponent. “We’re doing pretty fine I guess”, said Kitsanin, second-year Humanities major, who seemed quite exhausted.
  • Volleyball: AUC VS. UCT/G (25-19)
    • In a truly nerve wracking match AUC’s volleyball team was able to take home their second win of the day. UCT/G’s volleyballers were dominating the majority of the game, and were constantly leading by a handful of points. It was not until the game’s last minutes that AUC’s team was able to get the upper hand and snatch the win. “We smashed holes in the ground”, said Johan Fredsted after the match.
    • IMG_5398
  • Hockey: AUC VS. UCR (4-1)
    • UCR finally made it to Science Park and started its first game against AUC at 11:35.  “We got a bit surprised by our first game,” said first-year Social Science major and AUC hockey player Noah van Genuchten before they started. “But we got this.” And they did. Van Genuchten scored AUC’s first goal with a backhand in the 10th minute. UCR scored its only goal of the game five minutes later because a lack of defense from AUC’s side, but in less than one minute Nick van der Woude stroke back; two times in a row. Van Genuchten had a nasty collision with a UCR player only two minutes before the game ended, but recovered fast. Throughout the game, UCR barely made it into AUC’s circle. It was a clear victory for Amsterdam.
  • Squash: AUC VS EUC (7-11, 6-11, 4-11)
    • Pascal Van Luit’s second game went less smooth than his first. “I recreational squash,” Van Luit said. “This guy has been playing for six years. He has the experience, he knows the tactics.” UCT/G and EUC are currently leading. UCM and UCU have no points so far.
  • Squash: AUC VS UCU (11-5, 11-5, 11-2)
    • With Pascal van Luit’s second victory of the day AUC now shares first place with UCT/G and UCU.
  • Volleyball: AUC VS. UCM (21-31)
    • In their third match, AUC’s volleyball team beat last year’s volleyball winners UCM. By showing focus and determination, the team was able to uphold a constant lead until the end of the match. With 3 wins in 3 matches, AUC’s team has a real chance of making it to the finals later today.IMG_5412.JPG
  • Basketball (mixed):  AUC vs UCM (19-15)
    • The start of the game is dominated by UCM who build up a lead into the half-time. The second-time AUC starts turning up the pressure. Then two strong goals are made by Jacob van der Ham which brings AUC in the lead. The game becomes more and more fierce. However, in the end, AUC is capable of building a four-point lead resulting in a victory. “It was a strong team effort that helped us achieve this victory,” said Rayan v-dog Vugdalic.
  • Football (men): AUC VS. UCR (1-1)
    • In their second match of the day, AUC’s (male) football team tied against UCR in a tight round. No losses so far for the men in black.
  • Football (women): AUC VS EUC (5-0) AUC VS UCM (0-1)
    • The ladies outside are keeping it cool. They started the day with a 5-0 victory against EUC, but lost the second game against UCM with what first-year Social Science major Laura van der Wal called a “very lucky” goal in the last minute. “But we’re kicking ass,” she said confidently. Second-year Social Science major Lotte Peetz, who is keeping the scores, said it is hard to see who is going to win, but “it seems like UCM and AUC both stand a fair chance.”
  • Table Tennis (men): AUC vs UCM (3-0)
    • The first table tennis match between AUC and UCM was a swift victory by AUC. AUC is represented by Onno Niemann who had dominated the entire match. The entire game was played in extremely short rallies. The player of UCM made a valiant effort to recover throughout the match but it was to no avail.  The game ended after three games.
  • Squash (men): AUC vs LUC (2 – 1)
    • The best out of 5 in squash has been changed to best out of 3. Why they did this becomes very clear when you see the intensity with which all squash players are playing. It was a very close gaming. It was a point per point exchange. In the end Pascal, playing for AUC, was capable to achieve a needed victory. Before the game AUC and LUC were equal in points for the squash tournament.


  • Football (men): AUC VS. EUC (3-0)
    • AUC’s football boys were able to take home a win in their third match against EUC. By constantly putting pressure on the opponent, the team was able to score 3 goals and maintain their good position in the tournament, giving them a real chance for tonight’s finals.
  • Volleyball: AUC VS. EUC (30-25)
    • In a head-to-head match, AUC’s volleyball team was able to take home their 4th win of the day against EUC. With both teams giving their best, the AUC team established a lead right before the end.
  • Hockey: AUC VS UCM (2-1)
    • The tempo and concentration level were high. Both teams seem determined to go home with the gold and start to play fiercer compared to this morning. However the teams, who were dressed in black and dark green, were obliged to pause halfway to change shirts. The first goal was made by UCM in the 10th minute, after which Nick van der Woude, first-year Science major, scored the tie four minutes later. After several big chances for both teams in the last minutes, it was Olivier Overberg, third-year Science major who brought the team to a victory with a phenomenal goal in the last thirty seconds of the game.
  • Squash: AUC VS UCG/T (11-6, 4-11, 5-11)
    • Van Luit lost his fifth game against UCG/T, but still made it to the semifinals. Herewith AUC is guaranteed a place in the top three. LUC and UCG/T, from who Van Luit lost earlier today, are also still in the run for gold. Van Luit hopes for the best, but is keeping it real.
  • Basketball: AUC VS. UCT/G (22-17)
    • In their third match of the day, AUC’s basketballers continued their win streak and took home yet another victory against UCT/G in a physical head-to-head encounter.
  •  Volleyball: AUC VS. UCR (29-26)
    • AUC’s volleyball team was able to take home a victory against UCR in their 5th match of the day. No losses so far.
  • Football (women): AUC VS UCG/T (1-0)
    • Van der Wal was not being overconfident when she said AUC’s football ladies were “kicking ass” earlier. With their victory over UCG/T, the team only needs to win the next game against UCR at three for a spot in the finale. The opponent still needs to be determined, but will either be UCM or UCU.
  • Football (men): AUC VS. UCU (1-1)
    • In a really tight match against UCU, AUC’s football boys were not willing to give away the win and tied against a really strong opponent. They maintain their chance to get into the finals.
  • Table Tennis: AUC VS. UCT/G (3-0)
    • In his third game, Onno Niemann dominated against the player that UCT/G sent into the game. With 3 wins in 3 games, Niemann has secured his spot in the semifinals later today.
  • Volleyball: AUC VS. LUC (31-27)
    • In their 5th match of the day, AUC’s volleyball team was able to continue their win streak and beat LUC in a close encounter. Both teams were showing extreme offensive and defensive effort and were not willing to give the other team any advantage. Still, no losses for AUC’s volleyballers, who we will see again in the finals tonight.IMG_5433.PNG
  • Squash: AUC VS. EUC (07-11; 06-11)
    • AUC’s Pascal made overall third place in today’s squash competition. After a handful of tiring games, he lost in the semi-finals against the contestant from EUC.
  • Basketball: AUC VS. UCR (23-19)
    • AUC’s basketball team was able to take home a crucial win against UCR that secures them a spot in the finals later today.
  • Table Tennis: AUC VS. UCR (3-0)
    • AUC’s Onno Niemann dominated in today’s semi-finals against his opponent from UCR. He took home a win and secured his spot in the final that is to follow.
  • Hockey: AUC VS. UCU (2-2)
    • In a head-to-head game AUC’s chances of making it to the hockey finals are seriously diminished. The game started good for AUC with a nice solo move from Van Genuchten which resulted in the first goal of the game. UCU stroke back with a goal only one minute later, but AUC’s Karlijn Anemaat scored the 2-1 in the 9th The rest of the game was predominantly played on AUC’s half of the field and eventually, with only one minute left on the clock, UCU made the tie. With seven points and all matches played, it is very unlikely that AUC will make it to the finals. Van der Woude expects the team to end up fourth.
  • Football (women): AUC VS. UCR (0-1)
    • AUC’s ladies ended third in the women’s football competition.
  • Volleyball: AUC VS. UCG/T (28-21)
    • AUC’s volleyball team was able to secure their spot in tonight’s finals, by beating UCG/T’s team. The excellent and diverse team managed to gain an early lead that they were able to maintain until the last second.
  • Table tennis: AUC VS. UCM (2-1)
    • After a difficult first set, Onno Niemann got himself together and beat his UCM opponent in the last two sets, with which he won the finale and obtained the first place in the table tennis tournament.


  • Dancing: AUC WON
    • For the third year in a row, AUC ended first place in the dancing competition. LUC ended second, UCU third.


  • Volleyball: AUC VS. LUC (19-24)
    • In the finals, AUC’s volleyballers faced UCL, a team that they had beaten earlier on that day. UCL was able to establish an early lead that AUC was not able to catch up to. Coming into the final with nothing but wins, AUC’s could not continue their streak and lost the match to a strong opponent. AUC is therefore placing second in volleyball.


  • Basketball: AUC VS. LUC (14-31)
    • AUC lost against LUC in the basketball finals, ending second place.
  • Battle of the bands: UCSRN rocks! 

The end of the tournament is almost here. The final competition of the battle of the bands has just finished. While waiting for the winner of both this battle and the tournament as a whole we end our blog.

Thank you for reading. We will be back next year!

  • AUC takes home the three-peat!

One thought

  1. The first goal was made by EUC which was quickly followed by a counter goal of AUC. ECU had a strong opening resulting in the ball being predominantly around the hoop of AUC. However, AUC’s defense was sufficient to counter most attacks. AUC took the upper hand in the second part in the game. They were quicker than ECU resulting in a significant lead. Then ECU started closing the gap but it was to late and AUC won the match.


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