Will AUC three-peat at this year’s UCSRN tournament?

By Eva Bottinga

On April 22, all Dutch University Colleges will come together in the beautiful city of Amsterdam with the goal of taking home the grand prize in this year’s UCSRN tournament. To win the trophy, they will compete in disciplines ranging from conventional team sports to baking or chess. The stakes are high:Will AUC be able to win for the third time in a row? The Herring talked to three participants about their experience of the lead-up up to the big day.

As preparation is often the key to success, the contestants have done everything to be ready for the tournament. First-year Social Science major Steijn Muller and his band are rehearsing weekly to put up the best show possible during the Battle of the Bands. Third-year Science major Lance Bosch and his dance crew started getting together in the first semester of this year in order to “feel comfortable with whatever end-product is made for the final competition”.  Second-year Humanities major Johan Fredsted and his volleyball team also used the time leading up to the tournament as a way to work on team building. “We have trained a lot to improve our teamwork as much as possible, but because of exams, trainings sometimes had to be cancelled, which was really unfortunate”, said Fredsted.

Even though assignments sometimes got in the way during the preparation,  Fredsted is still confident that he and his team are ready to beat the other UC’s at the tournament. “Playing at home brings a lot of advantages: we have the support of the community, we feel comfortable and we know the fields”, said Fredsted. Steijn Muller is similarly confident in his band’s ability to stand out from the rest. “Our band is super funky, we have great musicians and above all great stage presence!”, said Muller. The same goes for Lance Bosch and his crew. “As a team we’ve got quite a lot of attitude, which, as I’m sure you can imagine, is always fun to watch!”, said Bosch.

All three students are very confident that AUC will be able to win the USCRN tournament for the third time in a row. “Regardless of where we play we will win: the past 3 years are a clear indication of this”, said Fredsted. Hopefully, he is right, so that AUC will be able to defend its title for the third time in a row!

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