The Herring’s Updated Cultural Guide through Amsterdam

By Ronja Boer

Collage by Sabine Besson

Find here The Herring’s first cultural guide through Amsterdam:

With most COVID-19 restrictions lifted and the prospect of a Covid-free school year,  there is no better time to explore the diverse cultural hubs of Amsterdam. The Herring is here to give you an updated guide.

Photo by Sabine Besson

Pllek – T.T. Neveritaweg 59

West of the rising flats in trendy Amsterdam Noord is a sight that stays true to the industrial roots of the area. In a large shed is the ‘biggest green restaurant of Amsterdam’ named Pllek. At Pllek you can enjoy good food, good music, the Amstel river and a variety of events ranging from workshops to club nights. Pllek prides itself on leaving a small ‘foodprint’ by serving 75% vegetarian and 25% vegan dishes with a small amount of fish and meat sourced directly from the wild. Upcoming events include yoga, live music by Pierre et les Optimistes, and a workshop breathing and ice baths. 

Collage by Sabine Besson

Stedelijk Museum – Museumplein 10

A favourite amongst the many museums in the Museumplein area is the Stedelijk — featuring modern and contemporary curations. Next to their fixed collection, the Stedelijk museum displays alternating exhibitions of modern visual and performative arts. If you wish to see it all, take  an afternoon to stroll through the halls and end your day with a drink at the TEN good food café. Their latest collection, YOUTH by Anne Imhof, is described as a labyrinthine total installation drawing from romanticism to nihilism of the younger generation, whilst referencing identity, anxiety and body dysmorphia. Imhof was given 1100 square metres in the museum until January 2023. For all the museum lovers: don’t forget to check out the museumkaart.

Drawing by Francesca Giannella

CREA, Walk-In Studio: Model Drawing – Nieuwe Achtergracht 170

CREA is a well-known hub to many UvA students As described in our previous Cultural Guide, our joint degree permits us a discount for all courses offered at CREA. One of our recommendations is the Walk-In Studio: Model Drawing, offered every Saturday morning and open to anyone, but make sure to register on time. This is a perfect creative outlet suitable for all skill levels. 

Photo by IJ-Hallen

IJ-Hallen – T.T. Neveritaweg 15

Known as the biggest vintage market of Europe, you can find IJ-Halle at the large industrial land site in Amsterdam Noord. Once every two weeks,T.T. Neveritaweg 15 is filled with hundreds of small market stalls selling anything from clothes to furniture.  Most stalls are occupied by amateur sellers, so you, too, can rent a table for a day For upcoming market days and ticket prices,  visit the IJ-Hallen website.

Photo by Annemijn van Marle

Jaap Eden ijsbaan – Radioweg 64

For those seeking a bit more activity, we present: Jaap Eden ijsbaan.  If you want to enjoy an Amsterdam winter on the ice, venture just past the Amsterdam Science Park train station. Because if there is one thing the Dutch know how to do, it is to ice skate. While the canals may  not freeze like they used to, you can still enjoy this tradition. Buy a one-time, 10-time, or 25time ticket before renting or borrowing some skates. 

Photo by Ronja Boer

droog – Staalstraat 7B

If you are seeking good food, exhibitions, spaces for your very own events, and good vibes, pay a visit to droog. Located in the centre, droog defines itself as a multipurpose building open to you and your needsWander around droog’s many spaces and see what you find! Be sure to visit the exhibition coming Sunday by AUC third year Xenia Sikora. Sikora typifies the experience as “[…] the exploration of all the senses: sound, smell, taste, and ours, sight and perception.”

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