Obituary: Noah van Genuchten

By Miles Henderson

— On Monday night, January 13, 2020, Noah van Genuchten passed away unexpectedly at the age of 24 in Maarn. An active member of the Amsterdam University College (AUC) community, he is remembered by a close circle of peers, friends, and a loving family.

Noah was born 25 October, 1995 in London, England. He spent his early childhood in Oxford and Rotterdam, as well as some of his most formative years in Zeist, near Utrecht. Beloved son of parents Laila and Anton van Genuchten, he leaves behind his brothers Sebastiaan and Ruben, and his girlfriend Morwenna.

Shortly after leaving the Erasmus School of Economics in 2016, Noah enrolled at AUC. It was then that he began to volunteer with Right2Education, a student initiative that aims to teach refugees English and Dutch. Spending part of his time with refugee students and the rest pursuing a major in economics, he would eventually go on to become Treasurer of the initiative. In an interview with Vrije Universiteit’s Ad Valvas, Noah said “the fact that they fled doesn’t define them.” and that the ability to participate in social initiatives is what brought him to the program.

Ambitious, sociable, and always fashionably late, Noah devoted much of his time to entrepreneurial endeavours. During his time at the college he chaired the Student Entrepreneurship Committee, headed the acquisitions team of TEDxAUCollege, organised a successful career event, and was a board member of the dormitory’s Tenants Association. He is remembered for his firm handshake and a shrewd ability to charm people into buying the same thing twice. His girlfriend Morwenna says that “With Noah there was really never a dull moment. I’m lucky to have known his incredibly sweet, loving and caring side.” 

Above all, Noah was passionate in all aspects of life. Whether it was one of his many projects or his relationships with other people — Noah went all-in.

His funeral ceremony was attended by a closed gathering of family and friends. A later remembrance was held at AUC the same week, in which many peers came to say their goodbyes and commemorate his life.

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  1. So sorry to have read this. I was a neighbour of his parents in London and remember him as a small blond baby. Tragic.


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