Dean Warns Sanctions for Breaches Coronavirus Rules, Resident Assistants Report Decline in House Parties

By Koko Christiaanse

Collage by Emma Kappeyne van de Copello

On the 14th of Octbober, AUC’s Dean, Murray Pratt, sent a message to all students warning that sanctions may be imposed if students break national Coronavirus measures in the Dorms. The Dean’s message was promted by reports of “many instances of social gatherings that exceed the guidelines,” and cited an instance of over 30 students attending a single party.

According to the e-mail, “Any host of a gathering of more than 3 visitors reported to the RAs will be required to attend a meeting with AUC management.” This is in accordance with national rules, which stipulate that there is a limit of 3 visitors per home in a 24 hour period, and must be hosted to allow for 1,5 meters distance to be held between households.

Students living in double and quadruple rooms are expected to follow this rule together as a household. According to Pratt, “In the context of the dorms, we believe that each numbered unit would be considered a home. So if students who share a unit exceed this limit jointly, then we believe they would be in breach of the national rules, and therefore also a breach of AUC’s Social Code of Conduct.”

In order to ensure that the relevant enforcing bodies remain unhindered, the Dean’s message further states that, “Anyone who disrespects the authority of an RA, DUWO staff member or AUC/DUWO staff representative will immediately be called in for a mandatory meeting.” Breaking this rule is also considered a breach of the AUC’s Social Code of Conduct.

According to Pratt, “Breaches of the codes can result in sanctions and can ultimately lead to expulsion.” Before expulsion is considered, however, violators must attend a meeting with the Dean or another core member of management, as well as the Student Life Officer. Sanctions may also be imposed by DUWO. Pratt further states that, “We do not wish to focus on a punitive approach. We are far more interested in finding ways to support students to socialize safely/within minimum risk, and welcome suggestions along those lines.”

Students are encouraged to excersise caution and hygiene during this time, especially in common areas in the Dorms, for example by wearing masks. Amsterdam’s Coronavirus infections rose by 20% last week in comparison to the week before, now 49.4 infections per 10.000 residents.

The Dean’s message to students seems to have taken hold. Bart Knibbe, one of this year’s RAs, says, “We have seen a decline in house parties since Friday 9 October, and trust that this positive trend will continue and students will take their responsibility.”

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