COVID-19: Updates

Updated 23 April, 14:00

This page is intended to be a safe source of factual information for AUC students as the COVID-19 situation develops in Amsterdam. Information on the transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in The Netherlands can be found here.

1. Situation in The Netherlands

2. Signs, Symptoms, Precautions

3. Situation at AUC & UvA

4. Timeline Overview

Amsterdam Cases: 2.042

Netherlands Cases: 35.729

World Cases: 2.660.763

Data from RIVM and Johns Hopkins GCSE

Signs, Symptoms, Precautions

Common Symptoms

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1. Dry Coughing

2. Fever > 38°C

3. Shortness of Breath

4. Muscle Pain and Tiredness

Unlikely Symptoms

1. Runny Nose

2. Diarrhoea

*You may experience symptoms 2-14 days after initial exposure. Only contact your physician if you experience severe symptoms and believe you are infected. If you believe you are infected but are experiencing mild symptoms you are advised to stay indoors and isolate yourself.


1. Wash Hands for 20 seconds
“viable virus could be detected in aerosols up to 3 hours post aerosolization, up to 4 hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel.”

— Research from U.S. National Institute of Health

2. Cough into Elbow or Handkerchief

3. Avoid Handshakes

Situation at AUC & UvA

UvA will cancel all on-site classes from 13 March until 29 May.

AUC: all on-site classes cancelled until 29 May as courses move to an online format. All events cancelled. All on-site exams cancelled. Assignments and coursework not cancelled. The Academic Building is closed.

Several June Intensive lab courses have been cancelled.

No confirmed (tested) cases at AUC announced. Several students reporting mild symptoms are in self-isolation.


  • April 3: AUC Announces That the 2020 June Intensive will take place online.

    The following classes are cancelled both on- and off-line:

    • Cell Biology and Physiology Lab
    • Culture Lab
    • Field course in Environmental Earth Sciences
    • Information Lab
    • Molecular Techniques and Immunology Lab

    AUC says, “We are working on alternative options for all students who are currently registered on one of these cancelled courses, and the registrar’s team will contact individual students starting next week. We are paying particular attention to ensure that there is an alternative option for the third-year students intending to graduate in the summer and who need a specific course in June to meet the graduation requirements, such as a lab course.”

  • March 31: Dutch Government Extends Corona-measures Until April 28

    The measures, which were originally stated to last until the 6th of April, are extended to April 28. This was announced in a press conference by prime minister Rutte. Businesses in the catering industry and close-contact professions will remain closed until this date. Schools will remain closed as well.

  • March 28: Municipality of Amsterdam Plans to Open 250 Homeless Shelters

    To meet increased demand as well as spread out the number of people in any one shelter, the Municipality has announced that they will be opening new locations in the next few days.

  • March 25: RIVM Shares Three Scenarios to Combat Coronavirus

    The graph illuminates how social distancing can help flatten the curve.

    Graph taken from Jaap van Dissel’s presentation to the Dutch House of Representatives


    Scenarios to combat Coronavirus:
    1: No Intervention
    (Doubling time 4-7 days)
    2: Maximal Control
    (Social distancing, in which case isolation: social distance ensures flattened curve, intensity of intervention affects height of curve) 

    3: Lock-down
    (Risk of revival after ending intervening measures)

    X axis: time since start of epidemic
    Y axis: cases of sickness
    Dotted line: number of Intensive Care beds available

  • March 25: Rate of Coronavirus Spread is Flattening, says Director RIVM

    Jaap van Dissel, director of the RIVM, says that “In any case there is a positive trend” in handling the Coronavirus. According to Van Dissel, the contamination rate lies at, or under, one. This means that the average number of people that an infected person contaminates is one or less. The RIVM is the Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment.

    Data from Jaap Van Dissel’s Presentation


    Reports up to and including 23-03-2020
    Graph 1 title:
    All patients
    Graph 2 title: Hospitalized patients
    X axis: Date reported with the Municipal Health Services
    Y axis: Number (of patients

  • March 23: The Dutch Government Adopts Extra Measures Against Coronavirus

    All social gatherings are banned until the first of July, including gatherings with less than 100 people. If experiencing fever, the entire household must stay home. Mayors have the power to close parks, neighborhoods, and beaches to the public. Groups of more than 3 people who are not related and are not keeping 1.5 meters distance can be fined up to 400 euros.

  • March 20: Everyone In The Netherlands Is Asked To Keep 1.5 Meter Distance From One Another

  • March 19: Health Minister Bruins Resigns

  • March 18: New RIVM Policy, No Longer Testing All Who Suspect Infection

    “If people have complaints that indicate the coronavirus, they should stay at home until they have no complaints for at least 24 hours. The (GP) doctor will determine whether someone with complaints should be tested.”

  • March 17: Applause in Amsterdam for Dutch Healthcare Workers

    At 20:00, tens of thousands of people around The Netherlands applauded healthcare workers for their efforts. The sound of applause was audible in cities around the country.

  • March 15: PM Mark Rutte Announces New Regulations

    All schools closed until 6 April

    All food and drink venues, sport and fitness clubs, saunas, sex clubs, and coffeeshops are closed until 6 April

  • March 14: AUC Students Begin Help Squad for Residents of Oost in Self-Isolation

    Students coordinate online to help bring groceries, walk dogs, and babysit children for those who are unable to under newly announced guidelines

  • March 13: Several AUC Students Leave Dorms, Amsterdam Cases Double, Three EU Member States Close Borders

    Denmark, Poland, and Czechia close their borders

  • March 12: AUC & UvA Suspend Classes until 31 March

    AUC will transition to online learning

  • March 12: PM Mark Rutte Announces Restrictions after Crisis Meeting

    Spread of COVID-19 in The Netherlands has reached a “tipping point” where they will now move to a “mitigation strategy” instead of a containment protocol. 111 new patients today.

    — Avoid going out as much as possible.

    — Avoid shaking hands.

    — All events with more than 100 people are forbidden.

    — Universities will not have any lectures and transition to online courses.

    — If you experience any symptoms, stay at home and do not go to class.

    — Brabant is currently undertaking mitigating measures (lockdown).

    — Free travel will remain unimpeded.

  • March 11: Six New Infections in Amsterdam

  • March 10: EU Commission, €140 million for COVID-19 research

    Funding for 17 projects that include research of vaccines, diagnosis, and treatments options

  • March 7: Cases Rise to 188

  • March 1: Cases Rise to 10

    Health Minister Bruno Bruins holds conference on COVID-19

  • Feb 27: First Three Cases in Netherlands

    First three confirmed cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus in The Netherlands: Tilburg and Diemen

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