A Guide to Choosing a Room in the Dorms

By Eva Lotta Č.P.

Editor’s note: This piece is part of a collaboration between The Herring and AUC’s Journalism course. The students of the spring course created a collection of so-called short form alternatives – creative pieces that are informative in one way or another, often with a touch of humor.

Every year, first-years-to-be blindly trust DUWO’s system to choose rooms they will spend their first ten months of studying at AUC in. A lot of the time, they end up in noisy strings, with roommates they can’t stand. At the end of their first year – a light at the end of a tunnel! Another chance to choose! By now, they know which buildings and strings appeal to them the most based on what they are looking for, and sometimes what they’re looking for is strange.

In case you want to feel like you’re living in “rear window”
Any of the courtyard-facing strings

In case you want to feel like you live in a haunted, abandoned hospital
First building closes to AUC, fifth floor

In case you grew up with a bunch of siblings and now can’t be alone
Middle building, fourth floor, four-person rooms

In case you like finding puke in front of your front door
Middle building, second floor (Dormsessions string)

In case you don’t mind hearing what every passer-by is saying
Any of the ground floor street rooms

In case you want to feel like you don’t live in dorms
Last building, farthest from AUC, last strings

In case you want to look at “GOD IS GAY – KURT KOBAIN” graffitied on the wall
Middle building, second floor

In case you’re practicing to eventually be on one of those old people who stand by their window all day, staring
Any of the street facing strings

In case you want to be close to Lidl because you have a cheap cookie problem
Farthest building from AUC

In case you want to be close to Spar because you have a cigarette problem
Closest building from AUC

In case you like hearing children scream every morning
Last building, courtyard strings

In case you want to pay €650 for a single room without rent benefit
Any of the corner singles

In case you want your fantasy of living by the train tracks come true
Fifth floor of the first parking lot

In case you hate sunlight and want as little of it as possible coming into your room
Rooms on first floor in the very corners of the parking lots

In case you want to be the only person to survive a fire for sure
Parking lot ground floor rooms

In case you love it when the elevator breaks down
Building closest to AUC

In case you really enjoy going downstairs and finding out the washing machine is broken
Any building really

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