Catch and Right2Education Team Up For Charity Run

By Vincent Noteboom

— On Sunday, November 27th, Catch and Right2Education (R2E) will collaborate and host a fundraising run, the money from which will go towards R2E and their efforts in helping refugees get a diploma in the Dutch language.

“Should you be interested, you can still partake [in the run] or sponsor, and this would be great for more than just the members of both boards.The money earnt will help pay for TANG proficiency exams, class materials and other events. This could really help R2E become more sustainable”, said Ellen Ackroyd, member of the Right2Education board and a second year Social Sciences major.

“R2E is one hundred percent run by students, so if students can raise money for the project, then that is perfect,” said Johan Fredsted , the event’s manager and second year Humanities major.  Because of the nature of R2E, any funds they obtain can make a huge difference for their ability to help refugees. “Raising money for any project is always a bit of a touchy subject,” Ackroyd told The Herring.

The run will take place on Sunday and is open to anyone interested. Every lap will be with a length of one kilometer. The goal is for runners to obtain sponsors, or for those who do not want to partake in the run, to instead become sponsors.

Sponsors will pay for every lap run. In total, runners will have one hour to run their laps. “It is amazing that every individual can contribute in their own strength, we are not asking them to change anything about themselves, but to use their strength to in turn, strengthen our organisation,” said Ackroyd.

“I personally have twelve sponsors and I will earn fifteen euros per lap,” said Fredsted. “If I really push myself, run until I taste blood in my mouth, I can probably run fifteen laps.”

That alone would contribute two-hundred and twenty-five euros to R2E, it isn’t expected of anybody to run that many laps but every cent is very clearly appreciated and needed. As Ackroyd explains; “Our collaboration with Catch is a great way to increase the viability of our financial needs.”

Fredsted went on to say that he will be hoping that the collaboration between Right2Education and Catch will continue and host other fundraising events in the near future.

The run also tries to create even more awareness about R2E as a board amongst students. “The sponsored run is a great opportunity that allows this “becoming part of our community” to expand by making more students aware of what actually going on with R2E and requiring students to actually put in some effort in supporting this great committee,” said Janiça Hacken, a third year Science major and the current Chair of Catch.

You can find details about the charity run on its Facebook event page.

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