Infographic: A Guide To The AUCSC Election Process

By Manon Falces


— AUCSC elections are usually overshadowed by the more highly publicized AUCSA ones, so you might not know as much as you would like to about the process behind the Student Council elections. With the campaign period beginning this week, here’s a handy guide that explains everything you need to know about the process to make your vote count and your voice heard.


This year’s lists and their candidates are featured below the image.



AUCSC Election Process- Short Form Alt Piece



This year’s lists:


Untitled Remastered
1. Sofija Stefanovic
2. Sarah Stapel
3. Rayan Vugdalic
4. Arsalan Sachal Baloch
5. Antonia Nicholls
6. Ana Sánchez Catalina
7. Naomi Joshi
8. Leila Klamroth
9. Jocelyn Vick Maeer
10. Imme Schuringa
11. Maria Bianka Lojanica


List A
1. Tobias Traxler
2. Luca Ahrens
3. Johan Fredsted


Party Party
1. Fatiya Munkaila
2. Matilda Medard
3. Ellen Ackroyd
4. Mya Berger
5. Margot Guéguen
6. Sophia Worth


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