Lustrum Team Amends Budget in Wake of Outcry

By Lilli Kuechle —

In a March 17 letter to the members of the Boycott Lustrum group, the Lustrum Team accepted several changes aimed at reducing the cost of the event, but rejected calls to change the venue. Boycott Lustrum, a group of students critical of spending on Lustrum and in AUCSA as a whole, proposed alternate venues, such as the AUC building or OT301, in a letter to the Lustrum team sent March 15.

Changes to the event will include paper wristbands instead of the original bands sponsored by Tilt, borrowing student-owned beanbags instead of renting them, and an alternate photobooth similar to that at last year’s Scopophilia arts festival. According to Lustrum team member Pleun Andriessen, this brings the cost of the event to below €7,000 after projected ticket sales. Since the initial budget was announced at the February General Assembly, Andriessen says they have reduced the budget by €2,300, with most of the cuts coming from the sections “unforeseen costs” and “decorations.”

The Lustrum Team rejected the other proposed venues because, as stated in their letter, they “felt that the Academic Building would not contribute to an atmosphere as festive as we will have at Undercurrent.”

The letter also announced cuts in spending on performances, with the Lustrum Team including more performances by AUC students, such as an AUC DJ duo. The team is also continuing to pursue outside sponsors to lower costs, according to the letter. No additional meetings between the Lustrum board and Boycott Lustrum are scheduled.

“One thing I find important to mention is the constructive approach the Boycott Lustrum group has taken towards these discussions and the valuable input and feedback they have given us,” said Andriessen. “It is nice to get another point of view, an outsider’s perspective to certain topics and it allowed us to see our budget with a more critical view towards it.” Members of Boycott Lustrum could not be reached for comment.


This article uses a photograph from Undercurrent’s official website.

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