King’s Night for the Party Animal

By Louie Renardel de Lavalette

— As we all know, King’s Night is about to be upon us, and for most of us this means that it is time to really let loose and have some drinks and/or do some drugs. However, sometimes we want to party on a budget, or do something that is a bit more off the beaten track. Here are some of the parties that I am looking forward to, and if you feel like a broke party animal as well, you should too! So here’s a list of things you could all do! If your timing is right, that is… *Note – If you only feel like doing one thing of this list, I recommend the gig at ‘T Cafe The Black!!

(1) /k < 3 Maxima

Behind every great man, there is an even greater woman. For that reason Studio/K decided to start off the celebrations by celebrating the queen! On Sunday the 26th, from 5pm till 1am, the party will be South American! With Latin music, as well as local snacks prepared by a South American Chef, it seems like a great place to start off the festivities. Free, but booking a table is recommended! Event link – click here.

(2) Gig at ‘T Café The Black

Although celebrating the queen is all nice and well, we should really celebrate our own more. James Anderson, Danishwara ‘‘Dan’’ Nathaniel, Ravi Rao and all the way from England: special guest Kris; our own AUC rock stars are playing their mighty fine tunes at ‘T Café The Black in the Molukkenstraat. The Black is a new rock café in Oost, which opened its doors in February. The performance starts at 5pm, as does happy hour, so don’t you dare to miss it! Free entrance. Event link – click here.

(3) Kingston Crown

After dancing at Studio/K, and rocking out to the fine tunes of our rock stars, you might feel like you deserve a bit of a rest. I am with you on that! So the third place that you should go to is Hanneke’s Boom. This outdoor waterside café will be playing some nice reggae music for you to relax to whilst you enjoy delicious barbecued food. This place will be perfect to recharge your batteries or smoke some weed. It all starts at 7pm and ends at 1am. Entrance is, of course, free. Event link – click here.

(4) Kingsize Festival

It could be that after dancing and rocking out, you are not tired at all! You feel the thirst for more parties. Well if you can’t be stopped, I suggest you might want to check out the Kingsize Festival. The Kingsize Festival is the only “authentic” King’s Night activity in my list, so dress up fully in orange, get pint after pint, and go crazy in the Westerstraat! Free entrance. Event link – click here.

(5) Betoeterd: Koningsnacht Rave

To finish this promising King’s Night I would suggest going to the Betoeterd Koningsnacht Rave. In the Amsterdam “forest,” the people of De Ezel will organize a rave with nice music, loads of blankets, lights, and drinks. A good opportunity for chilling and ending the night with beer and probably some psychedelics. A party with a location in the forest that is to be announced, with an end time that will be determined on the night itself, the rave promises to be one hell of a ride. Whether you are going to drink, use drugs, or just chill, it seems like the perfect place to end the King’s Night and start King’s Day. Free entrance. Event link – click here.

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