Winter Break at AUC: Where Did Everyone Go?

By Cille Kaiser and Konstantin Kirilov

— As finals week drew to a close, and with it the fall semester, AUC and its dormitories turned into a virtual ghost town in a matter of days. To get a sense of where and how everyone is spending their winter break, we created an online questionnaire that ended up receiving more than 230 responses.

Below you can find the detailed results, as well as a world map featuring every single country where at least one AUC student will be spending their two-week break. It seems more first year students answered our questionnaire than anyone else – perhaps everyone else was busy with their exams? It is also worth noting that more than half of all those who answered will be gone for the entire duration of the break, and just 8 (!) respondents said they will stay at the dormitories during that period . The rest are spread all over the world, as evidenced by our final question – Cyprus to Mauritius, Oman to Vietnam, it seems AUC was all over the globe as the clock struck midnight!

Click on any of the images to open a larger resolution version in a new tab.

Question 1 – What year are you in?


Question 2 – How long will you be gone for?


Question 3 – What is the primary reason behind your trip?


Question 4 – Which country will you go to?



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