From Bearing Witness to Breaking the Silence

On October 15, the internet burst open like a can of worms, and an endless stream of #Me Too’s crept across Twitter and Facebook. The campaign was a result of the Harvey Weinstein case, where numerous allegations of rape and assault have been brought forward against the successful Hollywood producer. After years of being silenced, numerous famous actresses including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd, have come forward to share their stories.

Joke, Prospect, Reality: AUC Reacts to President-elect Trump

It has been almost a week since Donald Trump won the United States presidential election. A week filled with feast and triumph, but also with protest, disbelief and occasional tears. While the once unimaginable idea of a ‘Trump Nation’ has gotten some time to sink in, The Herring spoke to AUC students and staff with ties to the United States. Their personal experiences with the 2016 election reveal a mixture of shock, fear, hope for the future, and a strong will to fight back.