[LIVE BLOG] Who Will Take Home the inter-UC Cup?

By Lisa Jesudas and Ben Kiem

Collage by Lisa Jesudas

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21:24 – The live blog is now closed. We hope you enjoyed keeping up with the UCSRN events and wish you a good weekend.

21:23 – Students begin shuffling out of the gym. Some are going to rest after a long day and some are gearing up for the after party happening in Oerknal at 22:30.

Video by Marcello Benedetti

21:21 – UCSRN has announced AUC as the winner of the inter-UC cup! AUC students rush to the centre of the stage and mosh together as they chant “AUC”.

19:06 – The Battle of the Bands has ended now and The Herring will recap the highlights. The lineup began with UCTilburg, followed by LUC The Hague, UCG, UCU, UCR, UCM, and AUC. Oerknal was packed with an audience, mostly sat on the floor. When LUC The Hague urged spectators to stand and dance, UCSRN board members firmly requested the audience to remain seated. UCR’s performance seemed to be the crowd favourite. They informed the audience that they had received permission for audience members in the sides of Oerknal to be able to stand. Tourney-goers now patiently await the highly anticipated dance competition, featuring a mascot special and prize ceremony.

17:45 – In a stunning game, the football boys team triumphed with a score of 15-2, but despite their outstanding display, they were eliminated from the tournament.

Photo by Lisa Jesudas
Photo by Linka Mitome

15:34 – AUC is in the middle of quiet badminton game while AUC and EUC grapple in a passionate tug-of-war.

15:26 – AUC volleyball has lost the finals and came in second place.

15:15 – The AUC volleyball finals is in a heated game with UCR. The USC gym hall is bursting with enlivened spectators.

14:59 – AUC has won the basketball semi-finals 25-20 in a heated game. They are now the first finalists.

14:30 – As the clock ticks down with 1.5 hours left in the painting competition, the first few hours have already revealed some promising pictures that could be the contenders for the top prize.

14:26 – AUC has dominated bouldering, claiming the second spot for women and the first for men.

14:16 – UCU wins an intense chess tournament, edging over AUC, which claimed a strong second place.

13:30 – The football boys played better than the result suggests, but end up losing their game against LUC 1:4.

13:03 – The AUC football boys team took the early lead in their first match of the day after a beautiful play finished by Ivan.

12:53 – AUC volleyball has completed their match and dominated UCG.

12:30 – AUC volleyball is beginning their second match of the day.

12:27 – AUC has been informed of the Battle of the Bands results: UCF is in first place, EUR is in second place, and UCR is in third place.

12:06 – The AUC girls team dominates their first match winning 6:0.

11:37 – The AUC volleyball team just won their game comfortably 19-25 against UCU. “It was a good start to the tournament. Let’s hope we can keep this dynamic up”, says Jules Talbourdet, the captain of the team.

10:51 – The crowd dissipates as the participants prepare for their respective matches. Volleyball, badminton, basketball, dodgeball, bouldering, 5K run, table tennis, chess, and painting are scheduled to take place at 11:00.

10:47 – The results from the Battle of the Boards are being calculated. The Herring is informed that the winner will not be AUC.

Photo by Ben Kiem

10:38 – All participating members of the tournament have checked-in and the crowd roars for the battle of the boards.

The UCSRN tournament is underway at AUC! Students travelling from University Colleges all across the Netherlands will be checking in at USC Universum before competing in various activities. The prize: the infamous inter-UC Cup.

Stay up-to-date on the tournament happenings with The Herring’s Live Blog, starting from 10:30.

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