Amsterdam This June

By Jasmin Ronach June is the first month of summer and for many students it is a highly anticipated time. With the past few weeks dictated by finals and deadlines, this time period brings a sense of relief and an opportunity to once again treat yourself. Since many students might not spend their summers in Amsterdam, this guide will show you what you can do … Continue reading Amsterdam This June

Illiberal Liberalism

By Valérie Heinz – Is it possible to be liberal, but be illiberal at the same time? Can one have a constructive conversation with someone whose opinions are the complete opposite of one’s own? Yes, to both, say Benedict Hamlyn and Thomas ter Reehorst, writers and producers of a small Amsterdam-based podcast series, that goes by the name “Illiberal Liberalism; Disagreeing with Respect”. The first … Continue reading Illiberal Liberalism

Finding a Summer Job as an English Speaker in the Netherlands Might be Easier than You Think

By Arwyn Workman Youmans – Searching for summer employment is a stressful endeavour for many students, especially when on top of qualifications and availability one also has to factor in the language they speak. In many countries this is the harsh reality of summer employment that leaves some students unemployed and in precarious financial situations. But while this may be the case elsewhere, a different … Continue reading Finding a Summer Job as an English Speaker in the Netherlands Might be Easier than You Think

Forward and Onward

Fictional short story by: Veerle Fanoy Illustrations by: Emma Krone   – An ear-piercing screech fills the carriages. For a split-second I ask myself whether I should be here, confused by the alarming noise that comes out of this train. But the rhythmic puffing eases my mind as the train starts dragging its mass through the landscape. The dry, miserable bush outside the window drifts by … Continue reading Forward and Onward

Perspectives of AUC Students at the Women’s March on Amsterdam 2019

By Amber Roos – On March 9 there was a Women’s March in Amsterdam, where around 15,000 people came together to march  for equal rights and against oppression. Many Amsterdam University College (AUC) students could be found in the crowd that rainy Saturday. The event started at Dam Square with Museumplein as its final destination. According to Zahra Cobben, a second-year Science major, there was … Continue reading Perspectives of AUC Students at the Women’s March on Amsterdam 2019

Amsterdam This March

By Jasmin Ronach Whether you believe it or not, there is life outside “the bubble”. This term invokes the image of a small, protective environment, and refers to the dorms as the center point of many AUC students’ lives. An uneventful night seems unthinkable, but when it does occur, it is because most of us are buckling under the weight of deadlines and assignments. Sometimes, … Continue reading Amsterdam This March

Carnival – A Party of Tradition and Togetherness

By Edivaldo McEnroe As carnival is approaching – officially starting today, March 3 – so are the hordes of people, including some from AUC, towards the gates of Oeteldonk, Lampegat, and Maastricht. If only one of those cities sounds familiar to you, that is because the first two are known as Den Bosch and Eindhoven from Wednesday until next year’s carnival. Also, in Maastricht, the … Continue reading Carnival – A Party of Tradition and Togetherness

Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month at AUC

By Amber Roos In February, Amsterdam University College (AUC) will celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month. In 2005 this month was first celebrated in the UK to acknowledge struggles the LGBTQ+ community faces and to promote equality. At AUC the month will include many different events which will be organised by several bodies at AUC, namely AUC’s Health and Well-being team (including Peer Support), the Diversity Commission, … Continue reading Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month at AUC

Party like there is no 2019

By Rosalie Dielesen The year 2018 is coming to an end. An intense year for some, a year full of changes for others. Soon it is time for New Year’s resolutions, but not just yet. Now is the opportunity for food, family and, of course, ending the year with a bang.Therefore we have found a few venues for you to consider for your New Year’s … Continue reading Party like there is no 2019