The 2017 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Vincent Noteboom
Managing Director: 
Assignment Editor
Copy Editor

Writing Team:

Christine van der Horst
Vincent Noteboom
Tom Weber
Rimma Samir
Theo Albert
Luca Arens
Nina Klaff
Thanos Theofanakis
Sophia Hengelbrok

Writing Fellow: 

Faculty Advisor: Huan Hsu

The Herring strives to be an objective and independent student newspaper that encourages engagement with the AUC community and the rest of Amsterdam, stimulates dialogue by offering an inclusive platform for students to express their opinions, and informs readers through extensive coverage of everything going on at and around AUC.

 Former Staff Writers:
 Liselotte van Balen
Eleonora Boguslavskaya
Tamar Bot

Maxime Garcia Diaz
Avraham Osipov-Gipsh
Jean Pierre Guzhnay
Vivianne Hericks

Cille Kaiser
Konstantin Kirilov
Ina Schebler
Ivana Solar
Anastasia Yakunina
Contributing Writers:
Marlies Augustijn
Sabina Bahisheva
Liselotte van Balen
Ricardas Bielskis
Frank Cox
Laura Galante
Ties Gijzel
Elias von Hildebrand
Martin J. Hoffman
Bram Jaarsma
Andrew Kambel
Babs Kamsteeg
Clara Kelvin-Grey
Berlesu Kerimoglu
Rosanne van Kommer
Lilli Kuechle
Louie Renardel de Lavelette
Julija Mockutė
Lara Neervoort
Pam van Schie
Alexander Velichkov
Julia Vié

For information, questions and comments: auctheherring@gmail.com

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